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High-level ozone exposure dangerous: Is your air purifier a risk?

Do you know which singer has over 100 million views on YouTube?

Susan Boyle sang in the choir and performed karaoke at local pubs. But she struggled to get producers interested in her demo CD. Her mother persuaded her to enter Britain’s Got Talent, a high rating TV show.

At her audition, she sang “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables. Or rather powered her way through the song with her mezzo-soprano voice. The audience erupted. A standing ovation before she finished the opening phrase. Susan Boyle was an overnight sensation. The exposure was unbelievable.

Her first album sold over 3 million copies in the US alone. And Susan has gone on to a successful singing career with five albums released to date.

The high-level exposure received from that audition gave her career a tremendous kick-start. But, you can’t say the same about high-level exposure to ozone. Undue exposure to ozone from air purifiers is dangerous to your health. Let’s find out why.
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Buying an Air Purifier? Why knowing coverage capacity is vital

Calculating Room Coverage Capacity
Mike Yurosek, a carrot farmer in California, wanted to stop throwing out his ugly carrots. In 1986 he bought a green bean cutting machine and used it to produce uniform 2-inch pieces of carrot, that we now know as baby carrots. It was win-win. Wastage was zero, and he could sell his crop. Baby carrots were a savior for a stagnant industry. Carrot consumption has skyrocketed in the years since. They are now close to 70 percent of all carrot sales.

Many consumers don’t know that ugly carrots from the soil are cut to be neat and tidy. And it probably doesn’t matter whether they connect baby carrots to their origin.

But unlike knowing the origin of the baby carrot, some things we do to protect our health demand deeper knowledge. Like buying the right air purifier to provide healthy air in our homes.

Unless we learn the facts about air purifier coverage capacity, we can easily end up buying the wrong appliance — one without enough oomph to rid the air of contaminants.
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Buying an Air Purifier? Resolve These 6 Key Questions First

Overwhelmed by where to start when buying an air purifier?Don’t know where to start?

You’ve made the decision to buy an air purifier. But the number of makes and models available is mind boggling.

How the heck do you narrow down the field? Let alone make your final choice?

Let’s say goodbye to the pressure and make a razor-focused decision.

We’ll cover six quick steps that save time and ensures you find the air purifier right for you.

Let’s begin.
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Air purifier advertising frustration? How to interpret and buy right

Frustrated by Air Purifier Advertising?Trust advertising?

Unlikely. Advertising needs to sell air purifiers. Right? The claims exaggerate the benefits, with the wording always upbeat, never negative and key facts excluded.

It’s hard to know where to start and what to believe. So frustrating. Yet you have to make sense of it because an air purifier is key to your families health.

But all is not lost.

This article explains where advertising is misleading and what is not being said. So, you’ll learn how to interpret the claims made.

With this knowledge, comparing air purifiers becomes a breeze. And you can avoid unwelcome surprises.

Let’s get started.
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6 Types of Air Purifier: How They Affect Your Family’s Health

Air Purifier Technologies and Pollutants
How can you tell?

So many air purifiers to choose from. Different technologies and conflicting health claims.

It’s stressful, right? Especially when the health of your family is at stake.

So, you want to buy the right one? — the air purifier that helps cut down irritations and helps everyone breathe easier.

But how?

Once you understand purifier technology, making your choice becomes much easier. Choosing the right purifier is like selecting footwear. First, you decide whether you want to go jogging, roller skating or ice skating. You choose your footwear for a specific purpose—just like you pick the right air purifying technology for your health condition.
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Air Purifiers – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

When you’re learning about indoor air pollution, no doubt you’ll have questions. It’ll be the same when researching how air purifiers help clean inside air.

If you buy an air purifier, you’ll want the decision based on the correct information. So you need answers that don’t have any bias.

Below is a list of typical questions we’ve seen. Click to get the answer you need.

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Air Purifier Terms – Stripped & Simplified For Understanding

When it comes to Air Purifiers, it’s not just acronyms that can stump you; it’s the terminology as well.

In the list below, are the terms I’ve come across while researching.

Some are scientific. I’m not a scientist, so the explanations are more from a layman’s perspective. I’ve made sure the wording is in line with the science. But more understandable to the non-scientifically inclined.

The aim is to allow you to cut through the jargon and understand enough to make a knowledgeable decision.

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Air Purifier Acronyms – Stripping Out The Tech Jargon

Been looking around to buy an Air Purifier? You’ve no doubt come across a lot of acronyms.

It’s so frustrating. You need to understand what the acronyms stand for and what they mean. So you can compare the competing claims of the manufacturers and websites. And sort out what’s important and what’s marketing fluff.

Here’s where your frustration comes to an end. Listed below is every acronym I’ve found in my research on air purifiers. If it’s not on the list, it’s not relevant to your decision making.

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