Air Purifier Acronyms – Stripping Out The Tech Jargon

Been looking around to buy an Air Purifier? You’ve no doubt come across a lot of acronyms.

It’s so frustrating. You need to understand what the acronyms stand for and what they mean. So you can compare the competing claims of the manufacturers and websites. And sort out what’s important and what’s marketing fluff.

Here’s where your frustration comes to an end. Listed below is every acronym I’ve found in my research on air purifiers. If it’s not on the list, it’s not relevant to your decision making.

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Winix Air Purifiers 2016 Research-Based Review:Facts Not Fluff

Winix U300 Air PurifierAre you confused about Winix Air Purifiers?

Series names no longer in use. The mind-blowing number of models.

How to know the difference between the models? Or to know which environment they suit? Let alone decide what’s best for you?

No need to look any further. I’ve done the research. Spent the 20 plus hours sorting it out.

I’ll tell you if they’re any good. If they produce ozone. Where they’re made. How noisy they are. Which one to choose. And lot’s more.

If you do know which model you want, check out the competitive pricing and free shipping at Sylvane’s.

Otherwise, let’s get started.

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